Lending for Europe – Collections Mobility

Recent Articles

Javies Pes, "Low Risk, High Premiums" in The Art Newspaper February 2011, frontpage

Javier Pes, "Low Risk, High Premiums", in The Art Newspaper, February 2011, Vol. XX, No 221 (.jpeg)

Background articles

Frank Bergevoet, Mobility of Curators. A proposal to Codart Members, Codart Courant nr 18, summer 2009 (.pdf)

Frank Bergevoet, ‘The Collectie Nederland’ in: Topics. Developments in Dutch Museum Policy, Amsterdam 2001 (.pdf)

Rick van der Ploeg, A Fortune to Display: A consideration of the profits in cultural terms from the Collectie Nederland, April 2000. A cultural policy statement by Rick van der Ploeg, Dutch State Secretary of Cultural Affairs 1999-2002. (.pdf)

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