Lending for Europe – Collections Mobility

Facility Reports

United Kingdom Registrars’ Group Standard Facilities Report
This Facilities Report was devised by the United Kingdom Registrars’ Group (UKRG) in consultation with the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.
The form will enable lenders to assess the practicalities involved in making loans. It is intended to help both borrowers and lenders identify potential problems and reach agreement on how these can be resolved. (.pdf)

Inquiry form on facilities, Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage
The inquiry form the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage uses to get a good view on the circumstances the to-be-lend objects will enter and to be able to make grounded decisions to lend out the object or not. (.pdf)

Condition Reports

University of Amsterdam – Heritage/Special Collections and Allard Pierson Museum Condition Report

This is a good example of a condition report format used in Amsterdam at the Allard Pierson Museum. They were so kind as to provide it to us for everybody to use.

Condition report part 1 (.doc)
Condition report part 2 (.doc)

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