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How to get to Antwerp

Brussels** National Airport***

The airport is located at about 45 kilometres from the centre of Antwerp.

The most convenient way to reach Antwerp is by taking the */SN Brussels Airlines Express/* */Bus/*, a direct coach service from the airport to the centre of Antwerp (De Keyserlei – Antwerp Central Station). The bus runs every hour (departure exactly at each hour) (from 5:00 to midnight (on Sundays and holidays from 7:00 to midnight) and reaches the centre of Antwerp in approximately 45 min. A ticket costs €10 and can be bought *in cash* on the bus. The bus station is located on the ground floor below the arrival hall in the airport terminal. Follow the indication in the airport terminal. You can find more information at:


The hotel is next to the Antwerp Central Station.

Information on how to get to the Lindner hotel from the Antwerp Central

· At the central station (A) you head south on Pelikaanstraat towards
Vestingstraat (500m)
· Continue on to Simonsstraat (260m)
· Turn left at Plantin en Moretuslei /N184 (120m)
· Take the first street left onto Van Immerseelstraat (280m)
· Turn right at Lange Kievitstraat (99m)
· You’ll see the Lindner Hotel (B) on your left hand side (Lange Kievitstraat

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