Collections Mobility




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The handbook has been published and presented and is available as pdf.


Collections Mobility

Museums have a long tradition of sharing the cultural heritage in their custody with other museums and institutions. Lending objects to other museums is one of their most important tasks. Through the mobility of collections European citizens can become acquainted with their own and other cultures and are able to pass on this heritage to future generations. 

Collections Mobility 2.0, Lending for Europe 21st century is a project that aims to facilitate mobility of objects between museums of all European Member States. By offering practical training packages, a theoretical handbook and this website, the initiators hope that museum professionals will make even better use of their collections and explore the possibilities that exist in international collections mobility more often. 

The project Collections Mobility 2.0 lending for Europe 21st Century, is funded with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

The history of collections is full of stories about dedication and endless curiosity, a need to know the world… read more



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