Lending for Europe – Collections Mobility


A compilation of links on organisations, institutes or platforms dealing with collections mobility outside our C.M. 2.0 Project.

Collections Trust
Collections Trust is the UK’s independent organisation for Collections. One of  their aims  is to give a focus on Collections Management, capturing the new models and expertise it is generating ensuring that they are as widely available as possible. See especially: www.collectionslink.org.uk

MUSCON sherp ‘touring exhibition database’
MUSCON Sherp was created to provide a simple way for museums to offer their own exhibitions and conduct targeted searches for travelling exhibitions. They help to improve cooperation and and coordination in collections mobility.

Labforculture: Find Ideas. Find People. Find Money. Find Events. Find Debates. One website, 50 countries, 6 languages. Their mission is both to ensure that all those working on cultural collaboration have access to up-to-the-minute information and to encourage the cultural sector to become more experimental with online technologies.

Within COMCOL, the International Committee on collecting and collections of ICOM, there is a special working group on Collections Mobility

Registrar Groups
Registrar Groups provide a forum for exchanging ideas and expertise between registrars, collection managers and other museum professionals worldwide. Registrar Groups stablish and promote standards of good professional practice through publications and seminars and to support national and international standards in relevant fields of work.

Australia/Asia Australian Registrars Committee (ARC)
Austria ARC – Austrian Registrars Committee
Germany Registrars Deutschland e.V.
France Association française des régisseurs d’oeuvres d’art (AFROA)
Associazione italiana registrar opere d’arte
Spain Asociación de Registros de Museos e Instituciones Españolas
Switzerland Verein swissregistrars
United Kingdom UK Registrars’ Group
United States of America
Registrars Committee, American Alliance of Museums (RCAAM)

University and high schools offering collections mobility courses
The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Reinwardt Academy

Poland, Warschaw, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, the Faculty of History and Social Sciences Museology


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