Lending for Europe – Collections Mobility

Revised Bizot Group Loans Guidelines 18 December 2009
A working group of the September 2008 task force met at the Szépművészeti Múzeum (Museum of Fine Arts), Budapest, following Budapest 2009, the 5th annual meeting of the International Exhibition Organizers, to begin drafting revisions to the Loans section of the Bizot Group Principles. Document on Loans for Exhibitions: Ethical and Economic Aspects, Napels 2003. (.pdf)

Bizot Courier Guidelines september 2008
Members of the Bizot Group Courier Task Force researched current courier practice and per diem rates in museums in their own countries, in consultation with registrars and other relevant staff within their own museums. A working group met at the MFA, Budapest 11-13 September 2008 to draft revisions to the courier section of the 1995/2002 General Principles on the Administration of Loans and Exchange of Cultural Goods Between Institutions. (.pdf)

Bizot administration of loans revised november 2002
The guidelines of the Bizot group (a group of museum directors of some of the largest museums in the world) to inform, simplify and make more cost-effective the organisation of major international exhibitions of works of art. 1995, revised 2002. (.pdf)

Processing time and costs spend on loans by Dutch museums
A point of departure for an analysis of the loan procedures at various museums and the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN).(.pdf)

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