Lending for Europe – Collections Mobility

Policy documents

Reports on Collections Mobility

The European Agenda for Culture (URL)
In May 2007, the Commission proposed an agenda for Culture founded on three common sets of objectives: cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue; culture as a catalyst for creativity; and culture as a key component in international relations.  (.url)

(Thanks to: Museum Collections on the Move)

The Bremen Declaration – 2007
Declaration on the “Mobility of Museum Collections”, which was adopted as a resolution by the participants of the expert’s conference "Collection Mobility: Building up trust and Networking" in Bremen, Germany, in May 2006, in the course of the German EU presidency. (.pdf)

The conference in Bremen focused on one of the six key strands of the Action Plan – “Building up trust and Networking” to encourage the exchange of museum objects and means to explore measures in order to enhance the mobility of collections.

Action Plan – 2006
The Action Plan aims to facilitate access to Europe’s cultural heritage, make it available for all citizens and find new ways to improve co-operation and best practice for lending between museums. It thereby contributes to the implementation of Council Resolution Nr 13839/04 which established mobility (works of art, art collections and exhibitions) as one of five priorities in the Work Plan for Culture 2005-2006. (.pdf)

Lending to Europe – 2005
This report produced by a European working group of museum experts under chairmanship of Ronald de Leeuw, director general of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, advises on facilitating European collection mobility. The report was initiated by the Dutch EU-presidency. (.pdf)

Resolutions on Collections Mobility

Resolution of the Council of the European Union (19.12.02) implementing the work plan …: European added value and mobility of persons and circulation of works in the cultural sector. (.pdf)

Resolution of the Council of the European Union (25.06.02) on a new work plan on European cooperation in the field of culture. (.pdf)

Other Policy documents

French memorandum on cultural cooperation in Europe, 2004. (.pdf)

Dutch brochure shared liability policy on loans. (.pdf)

Call for Culture – Paper for informal meeting of culture ministers, Rotterdam, 13-14 July 2004. (.pdf)

Communication from the Commission of the European Communities (09.03.04) Making citizenship Work: fostering European culture and diversity through programmes for Youth, Culture, Audiovisual and Civic Participation. (.pdf)

Resolution of the Council of the European Union (24.11.03) on cooperation between cultural institutions in the field of museums. (.pdf)

Maastricht Treaty 1991, article 151, on the creation of a European cultural area. (.pdf)

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