Lending for Europe – Collections Mobility

Structure of the training

The training will be organised in four panels (4 subgroups each of 14 people). Each subgroup will be trained by two trainers. 4×2 trainers will deal with a key-issue and will teach this subject in turn to the 4 sub-groups. At the end of each panel, the trainers will give detailed instructions and support on how the training program could be cascaded down during the national trainings.

Each subgroup session will take about 2h 30. The B session won’t take that long. An hour’s introductory session on the simulation game (topic D) will be added to this session.

Topics and trainers will be:
Topic A – Valuation, insurance, state indemnity, shared liability
Frank Bergevoet (Programme manager Museometry, Coordinator Collections Mobility 2.0, Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage, The Netherlands) &
Henrietta Galambos (Head of Legal and Registrars Department, Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, Hungary)
Topic B – Immunity from seizure
Hillary Bauer (Head of the International and Cultural Property Unit DCMS, UK) &
Nout Van Woudenberg (Ministry of Foreign Affairs , The Netherlands)
Topic C – Long term loans, collection research
Freda Matassa (Museum Consultant & Art Collections Manager, UK) &
Tuula Hamalainen (legal advisor, Valtion taidemuseo/Finnish National Gallery, Finland)
Topic D – Simulation game
Kate Parsons (Head of Collection Management, Tate, UK) &
Tiziana Giuberti (Palazzo Massari, Ferrara, Italy)

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