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Good practices

The work of CM 2.0 project has been acknowledged by several other groups and initiatives. One example:

Kadriorg Museum Estonia & Nationalmuseum Sweden

Unveiling Masterpieces: three paintings from the Lambert Jacobsz workshop

Beginning 13 January, the Kadriorg Art Museum will host two masterful 17th century paintings from the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm at its anniversary exhibition Unveiling Masterpieces (11 September 2010 – 24 April 2011).

The paintings, on loan from Sweden, The disobedient prophet (ca. 1630) by Lambert Jacobsz and The tribute money (ca. 1631) by Jacob Adriaensz Backer, will be displayed together with The supper at Emmaus, a painting from the collection of the Kadriorg Art Museum, and the three will form a separate case-study presentation.

This is the first time the two museums – the Swedish National Museum and the Art Museum of Estonia – have worked in cooperation. The presentation has been assembled in the framework of the Trans-European Collection Mobility Project.


Aleksandra Murre, curator and manager of collection of the Kadriorg Art Museum, Art Museum of Estonia told that the Antwerp training "was (also) useful for the loan project between our museum and Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, because our registrar met there with the registrar from Nationalmuseum, who was dealing with our loan. After personal contact it became much easier to proceed with work!"

1) Jacob Backer. Tribute Money. Ca 1631. Oil, canvas, 139 x 159 cm, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

2) Lambert Jacobsz (?). The Supper at Emmaus. Ca 1630. Oil, canvas. Art Museum of Estonia, Kadriorg Art Museum

3) Lambert Jacobsz. Disobedient Prophet. Ca. 1630. Oil, canvas. Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

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