Unzipping Files on Mac: An In-Depth Guide

Do you want to know ways to de-zip your files with Mac? Unzipping files is an everyday task for Mac because most people have to de-zip their files every now and then time. If you have to unzip several files, password-protected ones or files that are stored on iOS gadgets, this tutorial will help you remove files from Mac.

What is a Zip File?

Zip files are a kind of file that has been compressed and can contain several compressed folders and files. Zip files are generally utilized to reduce space, or to facilitate sharing the many files. When you open the file in a zip format the file is compressed and you are able to access the contents.

How to Unzip Files on Mac

Zipping files with Mac is simple. All you require is the integrated Mac software, called Archive Utility. To extract files from Mac Follow these steps:

1. Find the zip file you’d like to unzip.

2. Double click the file.

3. The Archive Utility will open the zip file and extract the contents.

4. The extracted files in the same directory in you can find the file in zip format.

Unzipping Multiple Files

If you have several zip files that you want to unzip You can utilize Archive Utility Archive Utility to unzip all of them in one go. For unzipping multiple zip files follow these steps:

1. Select all zip files that you wish to extract.

2. Right-click on the file you wish to open and then select „Open With“.

3. Choose the Archive Utility from the list of programs.

4. This Archive Utility will open all of the zip files that are selected and extract the contents.

Unzipping Password-Protected Files

If you own an encrypted zip file that is password protected and you want to unzip it, do so with the built-in Mac program, Archive Utility. To de-zip a password-protected Zip file Follow these steps:

1. Double-click the password-protected file.

2. If you are asked for a password, type it in.

3. The Archive Utility will open the zip file and extract the contents.

Unzipping with Third-Party Applications

If you have lots of zip files that you need to dezip it is possible to install a third-party program. There are a variety of third-party applications which can unzip files for Mac including The Unarchiver, WinZip, and BetterZip. These applications may also help extract password-protected files.

Unzipping on iOS Devices

If you have to unzip the file using the iOS device, like the iPhone or iPad then you can make use of Files. Files app. It’s the Files app is an integrated app on iOS devices that allows you to unzip files. To dezip a file from an iOS device then take these steps:

1. Launch the Files App on an iOS device.

2. Click on the zip file you wish to dezip.

3. Click onto the „Extract“ button.

4. The Files application will extract content of the file.


Zipping files with Mac is simple and is done using the built-in Mac application, Archive Utility. There are also third-party applications to dezip files on Mac or if you want to unzip a file using an iOS device then you can do so using the Files application. After reading this article you’ll be able to dezip documents on Mac.